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Welcome to New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church, a place where we are passionate about serving the community and sharing the liberating power of Jesus Christ.

Our approach to Christianity is Afrocentric and holistic, focusing on nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul. We believe in uplifting the marginalized, disenfranchised, forgotten, and oppressed members of our society, with a special emphasis on the Black community. Our goal is to be a church without walls that makes disciples and serves all humankind with the love, justice, compassion, and humanity through Jesus Christ.

Our motto, "Bringing the Church to the Community and the Community to the Church," reflects our desire to create a transformative positive impact on our community. We believe that working together through the power of Holy Spirit, Holy Scriptures, and embracing our Afrocentric, Holistic, and Black Church roots will allow us to re-imagine and create a better world and society for all.

Whether you are new to the area, searching for a spiritual home, or simply wanting to get more involved in the "Liberation and Social" Gospel of Jesus Christ, we invite you to join us and explore all that New Mount Rose MBC has to offer. Our website is a gateway to all our programs and opportunities to serve. We offer a range of services and programs designed to nurture the Mind, Body, and Soul, from youth ministries, family support services, mental and physical health services, and opportunities to participate and advocate for social, political, economic, legal, and environmental justice in our community.

Together we can make a positive and transformative impact on our community and beyond. So, come and join us as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and liberating all through Jesus Christ!


Bringing the Church to
the Community and the Community to the Church.

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