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The New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church is a family rich in history and an
abundance of blessings. The New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church is also a
diverse congregation of people who love and serve the Lord our God and
community with our time, treasures, and talents.

In 1957, Rev. Milford Kelly was called to pastor Mount Rose Baptist Church on
the corner of Walker Street at Sunshine Dr. in the Stop Six community.

In 1964, the church moved from the Stop Six location to a newly constructed
building on the corner of Lowden Street and Mississippi Avenue on the Southside
of Ft. Worth. At this new location the membership grew exponentially as services
were often spirit-filled with spectacular singing and preaching from the choir and
Pastor Kelly. The church outgrowth this building and on July 6, 1976, construction
for a new state-of-art sanctuary, which is where we are located today, began.
During the dedication ceremonies of the new building, Pastor Kelly stated this
declaration, “I praise God today as we dedicate our new structure. I have no words
at my disposal to adequately express to the members how I appreciate you. You are
a great people. You have shown your faith in God, your loyalty to our church, and
your respect and love for me as your pastor and leader. Let us all rejoice as one as
we give God the glory. For we know it is only through Him that we can dedicate
this beautiful, spacious structure today.”

The church’s foundation is built on strong leadership from Pastor Kelly and
Associate Pastors Rev. Ira Dean and Rev. James Baker. Later this rooster increased
to include Rev. Cleophus Ervin, Rev. Ira Carey and Rev. Wimbrey. The deacons
include are A. D. Thomas, Joe Bryant, Willie T. Scott (Chairman), Thomas
Walker, Harold Slater, Billy Lewis, Hervene Randle, and John Roach.

Pastor Kelly was a trail blazer and instrumental in growing and laying the
foundation of the church. His Motto was “The Little Church with a Big Heart”.
During his tenure at the Rose he also created an Day and Nighttime Childcare
facility for working mothers in the community. In 1999, Pastor Kelly was called
home by God.

In 2001, Mt. Rose appointed another pastor, A. James Collins, whose tenure ended
in 2012. Next the church name was changed from Mt. Rose Baptist Church to New
Mt. Rose Baptist Church. In 2014, Rev. Lamarian Wallace served as pastor until
2018. In 2018, God sent Rev. Kyev P. Tatum to New Mt. Rose MBC to set the
church on fire for the Lord and to push the church to get more involved in the

Pastor Tatum as the new Shepard of the church has shifted the churches focus to a social and liberation gospel that works to achieve social change, promote equity
and equality, fights for social justice, eliminates health disparities, and stimulates
economic empowerment for Black and Brown people. Pastor Tatum is known as
the “Civil Rights” preacher that wants to convert the church into a holistic
center/space that serves the Mind, Body, and Soul of humankind through the
liberating power of Jesus Christ. Under his leadership, we are becoming a “Church
in the Community and Community in the Church”, which is our church motto.

Throughout the years, Mt. Rose MBC has been blessed with many gifted and
talented musicians and directors, such as Rev. J. C. Scott, Mary Malone, James
Hamilton, A. James Collins, Emery Polk, Alfred Douglas Thomas, Jr., the
legendary Kirk Franklin, Mark Davis, Valarie Johnson, Mitchell Jacob, and Mrs.
Nadine Williams who led the charge in masterfully teaching stirring anthems that
were biblically founded.

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