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The 76104-zip code, Morningside area, in Fort Worth, Texas is where the Morningside Promise Zone (MPZ) was launched by the Ministers Justice Coalition of Texas on Thursday, October 12, 2022, at the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church of Fort Worth. The Co-leaders of this group are Pastor Kyev Tatum and Minister Dr. Mark Cunningham. MPZ was birthed out of need to address multiple disparities in the community, such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, anxiety, depression, trauma, dementia, a falling education system, the lack of leadership training, and poverty. 

The focus of the MPZ initiative will be to HELP the community by:

  1. Educate minsters, community leaders, and the public on how to improve their Health (physical, mental, and psychological health) status and outcomes.

  2. Provide opportunities to Educate, mentor, and tutor young adults.

  3. Offer Leadership training sessions to pastors, ministers, and community leaders.

  4. Provide financial literacy, economic empowerment, and opportunities to the community to address Poverty.

The overall goal of MPZ is to improve the community’s overall health, well-being, and economic status; along with providing mentoring and the tools to achieve academic success and academic advancement among students K-12 grade. The goal of the MPZ program will also be to equip leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective leaders and to manage people. Health, Education, Leadership, and Poverty (HELP) are the four pillars and core areas that will be addressed in this initiative. It is the foundational belief of the MPZ project, that this holistic approach to helping the community through the acronym HELP (health, education, leadership, and poverty) will improve the lives of the residents in the 76104-zip code (Morningside area).  

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